Gift Card Carriers – Hotel Key Card Holder – Membership Card Presenter

V-fold Card Holder - Does the Trick for Card Issue Every Time

V-fold Card Holder – Does the Trick for Card Issue Every Time

Pick a card, any card but make sure that you have a presentation to match your card too. Gift card carriers come in lots of styles and there will be one to reflect and suit your needs. When you need to add prestige to your card presentation or use as a marketing tool with extra information the card carriers and holders make it easy.

V-Fold – Opening Up a World of Giving

The v-fold card carriers add an elegance and dimension to any card issue with the impressive central focal point. Often the card presenter of choice for loyalty and reward cards as well as gift cards they are an unusual and attention-grabbing design with a pop-up section in the middle. The v-fold card holders have plenty of print room for marketing purposes too for membership cards and hotel key cards.

Starburst Card Holders – Bursting with Joy

The starburst card holders are an ideal way to ensure that your cards are protected at all times from damage and kept safe. Once again for hotel key cards and membership cards they are substantial and prevent loss of the card. The starburst fold opens up in a very theatrical way; making it ideal for location maps and venue guides too. Giving is better than receiving and if you choose the starburst to issue gift cards it adds a flamboyant and attractive packaging solution.

Unfolding Card Presenters

Regular readers of my blog will know all about the Foldilocks Card as a mini brochure and it was only natural that the concertina folded piece would make its way into card holder design. The individual panels all fold up neatly and give you an ideal opportunity to print them as vouchers or discount coupons for instance for customer loyalty marketing . This is just one idea of how this design of card presentation can add so much for you.
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