Good Things Really Do Come in Small Packages – And Attract Attention

Good Things in Small Packages - Jack in a Box Mailers

Good Things in Small Packages – Jack in a Box Mailers

In the complex world of marketing don’t overlook the power of small packages. They are intriguing and they instigate curiosity which in turn generates interest and attracts attention. Mobile phones may be getting bigger but good things really do come in small packages as far as marketing goes.

Jack in a Box Mailer

You choose your design and create a pop up product that is cute and compact yet really packs a punch and attracts attention. This product is a little gem; it creates a memorable impact and adds a touch of fun to B2B marketing. Working with the team here you create your artwork and your die-cut shape springs out of the Jack in a Box mailer as soon as opened by your customers and prospects. This is proof that less is more – full of surprise and does exactly what direct mail should do for you.

75 mm Pop Up Cube

The baby of the Pop up Cube range is the 75mm one but don’t underestimate its power. The mailing wrap arrives with your customers and prospects compressed and when opened it springs into shape when least expected. Making direct mail fun and proving that small packages work as long as you add an entertaining element your Pop up Cube attracts attention when you need it most.

Zing Thing – Now you See it……..

………now you don’t! Here is an extender card that attracts attention with its clever and playful design. Pulling the card out to reveal the message it springs back with a crack. Having a high level of interactivity but proving once again that good things really do come in small packages the Zing Thing business postcards format is a force to be reckoned with.

These ideas are just a small selection from the business marketing products range – more can be viewed at popupmailers where you can also order free samples and chat to our on-line Advisors too