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By the end of 2015 retailers were expected to have sent more than 860 million parcels to British homes, up from 600 million in 2012.
Source: The Guardian

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With more people than ever opting for home deliveries these days there are massive opportunities for retailers and business suppliers alike to grow their sales. If just one in ten of those parcels sent took up an offer to place another order, that’d be a whopping 86 million extra orders up for grabs in the UK alone.

Why not maximise your potential with every sale by including a ‘repeat discount’, ‘free gift with next order’ or ‘refer a friend’ token with each order.

Adding offer vouchers doesn’t need to cost a great deal or take a lot of effort yet it can encourage repeat business, word of mouth referrals and ultimately result in more sales.

Using an attractive design like the one pictured above to promote your offer helps engage readers, aid their recall of your brand and maximise your offer ‘take up’.

Opting for a business card size voucher is also logistically very smart. It allows your promotion to easily be included in with any order, passed to a friend or colleague, or fit a purse or wallet ready for the next time your shopper is ready to spend.

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