Increase Brand Loyalty with Desk-top Direct Mail Ideas

Increase Brand Loyalty with Desk-top Direct Mail Pop up Balls

Increasing brand awareness and encouraging brand loyalty is easy with direct mail ideas that sit on work-stations and desk-tops.  Pen holders, calendars and money boxes are perfect direct mail items to increase brand loyalty from your targeted audience and fellow colleagues and visitors too. Adding a touch of novelty and entertainment your direct mail ideas can be top of the charts.


The Winner Takes it All

Imagine your customers and prospects delight when they open your bespoke mailing wrap and a direct mail marketing Pop up Ball bounces out with energy and vigour when they least expect it. This surprise element will gain maximum focus to your marketing message instantly and then when they realise that your direct mail idea is a desk-top tool it will be put to work immediately.  Whether you design your customized Po pup Ball as a pen holder, a calendar or both you will increase brand loyalty and awareness and score great results.


Money Money  Money – Must be Funny

The Cuboid Money Boxes are direct mail ideas to raise a smile and increase brand loyalty too. Whatever your choice of design of pop up box money box they always raise a smile when they are opened up and they spring free and into shape.  Working hard for fund-raising and charities these money boxes are very popular as a “fines box”; a “suggestion box ; a “save up for the Christmas party box” – whatever your idea is you know that your money boxes will be sitting proudly on desk-tops and work-stations and will reap rewards.


I do, I do, I do, I do, I do…. the Prestigious direct mail Pop up Pyramid. The shape of the pyramid coupled with the pop up action as your target audience release the mailer is second to none.  Adding pen hols to one face of your direct mail ideas turns your Pyramids into long-standing desk-top novelties that are sure to forge good relations and increase brand loyalty. Always a favourite of mine, the novelty value gets people talking.


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