Innovative and Interactive Folded Brochures and Leaflets

Flicker Cards - Interactive Folded Brochures that Grab Attention and Keep it

Flicker Cards – Interactive Folded Brochures that Grab Attention and Keep it

Grab attention and keep up the interest with folded brochures and leaflets that keep the readers hands busy and maintain focus to your communication. Small marketing booklets with unusual and interactive folded formats knock spots off a regular leaflet or letter. Today I have chosen just three to chat about from the business marketing products range:


Flicker Card Fun – Waterfall Folds

The Flicker Cards have an inner section where the folds flow through like a waterfall effect as the reader pulls a card. These folded brochures come in DL and A5 sizes and as far as marketing leaflets go they are very versatile indeed. The Flicker Cards give lots of print area for your folded brochures and give you a bespoke, eye-catching and interactive product with extra dimension.


Interloop Mailer – Effective Folded Brochures and Leaflets

The Interloop Mailers are available in four sizes from 120 mm to 210 mm square and are attention-grabbing marketing ideas at their very best. The Rubik Cube kept everyone occupied and their hands busy in its day and now it is the turn of the Interloop Mailer. You can have great fun with your graphic design on the squares that turn and turn again and again to reveal the full message. Cost effective to post but really packing a punch the Interloop interactive mailer is a wise choice.


Hidden Book – Never a Hidden Message

The Hidden Books are delightful versions of interactive folded brochures – sort of two books in one. As you unfold the product another “book” is revealed on the other side and then fold it back up and it is back to the original one. This is one of the mini brochures and leaflets range that we produce and is a terrific idea to portray night and day, before and after and so many more scenarios.


For more interactive folded brochures you can see popupmailers too where you can order samples and chat to our team live on line during UK office hours