Need Marketing Tactics to Generate Increased Response?

Marketing Tactics Product - Recently Used by a Leading Supermarket and feedback was fantastic!

Are you looking for ways to get your company noticed? Are you looking for marketing tactics to generate increased response? In today’s blog I have highlighted some marketing tactics ideas to enforce your marketing message in a novel and effective way.

Interloop – Interactive and Effective

Originality is key for marketing tactics to work and the Interloop Interactive Mailer won’t let you down.  This is a cost-effective design to post yet has so much more to offer than a regular direct mail piece.  Designed by GSD we produce it exclusively for them and it is one of the best formats to generate increased response.  The main feature is the fact that your audience have to play with it;  turning it and turning it again to reveal the full message. You can have great fun experimenting with your graphic  design but not as much fun as your target audience will have when they receive it.

That’s Magic – Magic Red Reveal Card

Well illusion actually rather than magic with this unusual and engaging format.  The Red Reveal Direct Marketing Reader Card conta8ins a hidden message that is sent out in a jumbled design.  This message can only be read by inserting the red reader card. All this interactivity adds to your marketing tactics for capturing maximum attention and generating increased response. A top tip here is to send your message out in stages maintaining the interest for a longer period of time.

Wheel Fun  

The Wheel Charts are another very tactile marketing product and are popular for information wheels that your target audience simply picks up again and again,  Strong eyeleted discs make these marketing tactics wheels fun to use and generate increased response too.

You can see more marketing tactics at popupmailers