Need Cardboard Collection Boxes – Money Boxes – Donation Boxes?

Cardboard collection boxes - eye-catching and rewarding

Cardboard collection boxes – eye-catching and rewarding

Next week we will be getting involved in the annual MacMillan Coffee Morning again and we hope to raise lots of money for this worthy cause. Which prompted me to ask if you know that cardboard collection boxes are a novel way to extract money from donors whether for a one-off event or appeal, an annual event or a long-standing charity appeal. Giving your money boxes extra appeal with an unusual shape makes them more eye-catching too. You can see for yourself by ordering samples to view without any obligation at all.


Dice-shaped – Safe Bet Cube Money Box

The cube-shaped money box is a novel and unusual cardboard collection box and with your bespoke promotional print an asset to your fund raising or charity marketing appeal. Compressed into a mail wrap also carrying your promotional print this collecting box springs free as soon as released and grabs attention immediately. To get pockets and purses emptying a Pop up Cube is a safe bet.


Traditional Cuboid Shape Donation Boxes

If you need larger donation boxes and a more traditional shape maybe the Cuboid Pop up Money Box is more up your street? Also sent out compressed into the mailing wrap your customised money boxes jump out when opened with energy and vigour. Cardboard collection boxes of this calibre can increase donations significantly and create a talking point which encourages extra contributions too.


Manual Assembly – Pyramid Shape

You can add an interactive element to your cardboard money boxes and collection boxes by sending a manual assembly Pyramid Money Box that has to be erected on receipt. This ensures that your charity appeal or fundraising campaign message gets across. With plenty of print room and lots of room for coins and notes a Pyramid donation box adds a touch of glamour too.


See more fundraising ideas and cardboard collection box inspiration at popupmailers too