Make an Impact with Unusual Pop up Products

Pop up Product- Jumpinjax

Pop up Product- Jumpinjax

To grab maximum attention to your marketing campaign you need to make an impact and that is where unusual pop up products really come into play.  The pop up products are mailed out or issued compressed and flat inside their mailing wraps and they spring into shape as soon as released. This action is absolutely perfect for gaining one hundred percent interest in your marketing  product and message.

Jack in a Box – Bespoke and Full of Energy

The Jack in a Box pop up mailer is a pop  up product designed completely to reflect your marketing campaign. You choose your die-cut piece which is attached to connected pop up cubes that form a “spring” and you can easily amaze and amuse your target audience when they open it.  Not only does the Jack in a Box Mailer add power to your marketing it is one of the pop up products that creates a talking point with co-workers too.

Pop up Gems – Diamonds are Your Best Friend  

The Pop up Diamonds are one of the gems range of unusual pop up direct mail products that can add extra shine  and sparkle to your marketing campaign. Such an unusual shape the diamond has plenty of print area for your marketing and advertising message.  The Pop up Diamond is stylish and classy and really makes an impact and has played a key role in marketing projects for product launches, direct mail marketing, event marketing and company announcements.

Four Star Unusual Pop up Products

The Jumpinjax is my all-time favourite pop up product; it has a slide-out tray which, when pulled, releases not just one but 4 pop-up cubes. This great surprise really will make an impact and carry your marketing message in a novel and attention-grabbing way. Ideal for direct mail campaigns it is also an excellent ice-breaker as a handout at exhibitions and trade shows and helps to keep the exhibition visitor on your stand.


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