Marketing Ideas to Increase Audience Numbers and Impress your Customers

Increase Audience Numbers with Pop up Marketing Ideas

The media is in a frenzy today about the Oscars Ceremony – who were the winners? What were the guests wearing? Who made the best speech? You can get your customers and prospects talking about your company if you impress them with nicely presented and surprising marketing ideas. Presentation is so important – just as with the Oscars ceremony – firs t impressions count which is where attention-grabbing chunky marketing products stand out.

Make it Dimensional to Get Noticed

Chunky mailers and mailing wraps will stand out from the crowd in the post tray attracting attention immediately due to their unusual format.  So this is the first step towards increasing your audience numbers with marketing ideas that gets tongues wagging and are shared with others.  The dimensional mail comes in many guises from the business communication products range; each one having it’s unique quirky or surprising element.

Add a Pop to your Glitzy Marketing Ideas

All the pop up products are sent out compressed into your chunky mailing wraps and bounce out with vigour as soon as released. This is such an unexpected surprise that it always raises a smile and creates a talking point with co-workers and colleagues alike.  The Pop up Diamond has all the glitz and glam of Hollywood as it leaps free and carries your message with a full carat, increasing audience numbers as it goes along. The Pop up Gems are just one example of pop up marketing ideas to impress your customers and prospects.

Interaction – Call to Action

If your current marketing ideas need interaction rather than a pop up surprise you will prefer the more extending pull out cards.  These  are also sent out within a chunky mailing wrap and almost triple from original size. Marketing ideas that keep your audience hands busy create a memorable impact and impress both existing customer base and newcomers too.

The best way to see how these marketing ideas can increase your audience is by ordering free samples  at popupmailers