Marketing with Pull Out Mailers – Interactive to Get your Message Across

Marketing with Pull Out Mailers – Sideshooters – Interactive and Fun

Keeping your customers hands busy  makes sure that your message gets across which is why marketing with pull out mailers works so well. Whatever you have to say your marketing message will be seen, read and responded to with a pull out mailer design that grabs attention.


Sideshooter – Action Packed Fun

The Sideshooter is made up of three panels and as your customers and prospects remove the pull out mailer from the wrap two arms shoot out from the main body when least expected.   This is very amusing and grabs maximum focus to your advertising and marketing every time.  This postcard sideshooter style has plenty of print area on the product and the mailing wrap too.


Telescopic Box – Vision and Scope

The Telescopic Box is a fabulous example of marketing with pull out  mailers to create a memorable impact .  It is a set of expanding 3D boxes within a box and there is even room for a small sample or sachet too and a message card.  You need your direct mail ideas to be Interactive and get your message across and this way it cannot be missed since the product extends to 720 mm in length.


Push and Pull – Novelty Pull Out Mailers

The Push and Pull marketing products make marketing with pull out mailers great fun for both yourself and your target audience alike.  The main feature with this interactive format is that as you pull a card out at one side another ejects at the same time; push it back in and they both retract together too. This amusing and entertaining idea grabs attention – and keeps it  too.

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