Marketing Wine and Drinks? Get your Booze Noticed with Amazing Bottle Collars

Bottle Dissolve - Marketing Wine and Drinks Made Easy

Over coffee yesterday I was reading an article about findings by IRI that grocery sales in UK’s supermarkets were flat during the festive period.  Apparently there was a late surge in alcohol and chocolate sales. This turned my thoughts to how effective bottle collars are when  marketing wine and drinks all-year round and not just at Christmas-time.

Not Just for Christmas

Amazing bottle collars are not just for Christmas they are for all-year round bottle and drinks promotion marketing campaigns. Sitting comfortably around your bottle neck s your customised and attention-grabbing bottle collars draw in your consumers interest as they stand out from the rest of the bottles on the shelf.  They are picked up for further investigation and soon in trolleys and ringing the tills. The Bottle Tower and Bottle Cones wine marketing styles are ideal for marketing wine and drinks; both have an all-round display and skip over the bottle neck in seconds.

Hang Around Drinks Marketing  

You may prefer the Bottle Hanger style and a favourite of mine to increase sales of drinks and bottles is the Bottle Dissolve drink promotions format.  This not only looks great displayed on your bottles but it is interactive too as your consumers can play with the changing image design.  The Bottle Dissolve is a great way to get your consumers talking about your products and increase those sales easily.

New Kid on the Block

We have a new kid on the block in the form of the Bottle Topper.  you can order your FREE sample by e-mailing us; calling us or chatting to us live at popupmailers. This is a format that sits on top of your bottles rather like a hat and is perfect for attention-grabbing marketing wine and drinks promotions and campaigns.  Get your booze noticed all year round with amazing bottle collars, hangers and the all new bottle topper!


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