Mini Brochures – Make an Impact – User Friendly

The Whitney Woods mini brochures are proof that the best things really do come in small packages. With a multiple list of uses these small pocket-sized products are all compact and handy yet packed with information too.

Folding panels in a concertina style with a locking tab!

Whichever mini brochure format suits your needs from the range we produce the team work with you from initial enquiry through to production.

These mini pocket guides are suitable for designing as: travel guides, information leaflets, city maps, roadshow give-aways, trade show give-aways, venue guides, timetables, product information, tourism maps, charity items, pocket-sized leaflets and so much more! The Foldilocks (as pictured) is available in both A7 and credit card sizes; it is a series of folding panels. Other designs include clever folds and even a hidden book format too.

Bespoke items tailored to your exact requirements can be produced too – and with a minimum order quantity of just 250 units and average turnaround time of 2 weeks your mini brochures will be working for you in no time at all.

These days everyone needs something that’s easy to carry in a pocket along with the mobile phone which is why mini brochures are the product of choice for so many of our clients.

What have our Clients had to say?

Steve Lake, Another Planet Online: “I was very impressed and grateful for the speedy turnaround as my client had left it much later than they should have before ordering! Excellent service from Gail and the team – thank you!”

Carolyn Smith, Marketing & Communications Co-ordinator at Coventry University College: “The whole process was very efficient, and the product is of good quality. It was delivered in good time.”

Give us a call or e-mail us for more information to start your production of user-friendly mini brochures that will make an impact. See the whole range of mini brochures here.