Need Different Ways to Promote your Business? Need Clever Marketing Ideas?

Promote Your Business with a Pop up House or Pop up Building

Promote Your Business with a Pop up House or Pop up Building

Don’t sit there scratching your head wondering how to raise your profile when there are so many ways you can promote your business with direct mail that works. Clever marketing ideas that entertain your target audience, raise a smile and get you noticed are what you need in your marketing arsenal.

Add a Pop up Feature to Raise your Game

All the pop up products are sent out compressed into mailers and they spring out and into shape as soon as released. This action itself is attention-grabbing at its best; and with so many shapes and versions to choose from you really are spoilt for choice. I particularly like the Pop up House version with its pitched roof. The Pop up House can be designed as any building at all to reflect your current marketing campaign; it comes in three sizes and with optional pen holes or coin slot. This is a unique way to promote your business and has been successfully used in the following ways: solar panels, insurance, mortgage brokers, home-shopping to name just a few.


Fortune-ate and Clever Marketing Idea

The Fortune Teller or Cootie Catcher as it is also known is a nostalgic take on direct mail ideas. This is cost-effective to mail out yet is very interactive and gets your company talked about. Those of us of a certain age will remember the school days fortune tellers – the folded paper with forfeits on them. This is a clever marketing idea for you to design – no forfeits for your prospects and customers though!


Top of the Pops – Tent Topper

The Tent Topper started life as a menu card but is now more recognised as a desk-top display and clever marketing idea. The key feature here is that you can promote your business with a product that is sent out flat and is easily erected in seconds – but vital seconds – ensuring that your message gets across. Then your bespoke Tent Topper sits on a work-station continuing to remind customers and prospects that you are there.


For more ways to promote your business see popupmailers too where you can chat on line live, order FREE samples and request prices