Need Mini Brochures for Trade Shows and Road Shows?


Hidden Books – Attention-Grabbing Mini Brochures – Ideal for Trade Shows, Road Shows and Exhibitions

Do you need take-away publicity for your trade show, exhibition or road show? Do you know how handy the mini brochures are for transportation and referral? You may well have organised entertainment for your stand or road show, an attention-grabbing Magician for instance and that will generate interest but what happens after the event? You don’t want them to remember the magic and not your products or services so mini brochures are ideal.

The Hidden Book – Interactive and Effective

The Hidden Book is one of the most captivating mini brochures and is a book within a book. This clever format is ideal for trade shows and road shows since it has lots of print area for your  promotional print and entertains the reader too. It is a sheet of A4 card that is folded to make an 8-page mini brochure or book. However, if you unfold it to A4 size and fold it back up the opposite way it makes a completely different 8-page book. Magic!

Carry and Keep Card Fun

The name says it all with the Carry and Keep Card.  One of my favourites in the mini brochures range it is A7 as standard and opens up to reveal a double-sided A3 printed sheet.  The covers are hard-wearing and sturdy keeping the information safe and clean. This format is a “carry me, keep me” pocket brochure and is ideal for issuing to your visitors at any exhibition, road show or trade show.

Swatch Cards

Pocket sized Swatch Cards mini brochures are sturdy and fastened with an eyelet in one corner. The “fan-like” small booklet is very easy to use and engaging too. They may be small in size but the Swatch Cards have plenty of print area and can even be designed in a custom-shape to reflect your  marketing message. For exhibitions, trade shows and road shows they make an unusual addition to enforcing your products and services benefits.

Have I tempted you? For more mini brochures and trade show and road show ideas see popupmailers