Need Moving Office or Relocation Announcements?

A Moving Picture says it all for you

A Moving Picture says it all for you

When you need to inform your customers and suppliers about your change of address and relocation you need a format that will not be ignored.  A postcard or a letter may well be tossed into a waste paper bin without a second thought.

Moving? A Moving Picture Card Fits the Bill

A moving picture card or a picture dissolve or a dissolving picture as we call them is perfect for relocation announcements.  A picture paints a thousand words and easily conveys your important message. Interactive and attention-grabbing dissolving pictures come in a variety of sizes and styles too so there is one that is perfect for you.


Pop up Building – Grabs Attention

The Pop up House can be designed to represent any building at all which makes it perfect for a moving office or relocation announcement. With your creative print you can depict your office or warehouse easily. This will be sent out compressed into a mailing wrap and will bounce out as soon as released. this action alone gains maximum attention and gets your message across. The Pop up House comes in three sizes and you can even add pen holes so that your contacts will keep your pop up product for a long time reinforcing your message all the time.

Pop up Cards

When looking for an alternative moving office announcement that will catch attention in a novel and creative way there is so much choice in the 3D Pop up Card range. The Pop-up Cube Card which can designed to replicate a wooden crate or the Pop up Building Card are ideal selections from the range. The centre-fold grabs attention as soon as opened and gains maximum focus to your message immediately.

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