Need to Pass on Vital Information? You Need Slide Charts and Wheel Charts

Slide Charts - Essential for Passing on Information

Slide Charts – Essential for Passing on Information

When you have calculations or information to pass onto clients and customers you need to make it easy to understand. This is where the Slide Charts and Wheel Charts come into play. Totally bespoke to your requirements they are produced from a standard format of information being viewed on the inner card through windows on the outer card. These charts have been produced in multiple sectors and have been a valuable tool for advising financial  calculations, health advice, product ranges,  calories and so much more.



Slide Chart – Decision Maker – Promotional Mailer

A Slide Chart will  help customers and clients to understand how your products or services  will help them  or make  complex figures and information more easy to understand.  Ideal to send out as a promotional mailer or give out face to face your decision maker slide chart is sturdy and can be picked up again and again for reference. Another idea for your Slide Chart delivery is as a hand-out  for retailers or exhibitions and events.  These versatile and essential Slide Charts are produced exactly to your requirements  with single or multiple windows in your chosen size shape and position.


Round and Round Wheel Chart Fun

Wheel Charts, Spinners, Ready Reckoners, Disc Calculators or eyeleted discs – you can call your customised wheel chart what you like. All the Wheel Charts are made up of 2 or 3 discs eyeleted at the centre to enable the reader to turn to view the information through the die-cut apertures. These handy reference Wheel Charts and calculators make any complex and hard to understand  information easy to comprehend.  The list is endless for the possibilities for you to pass on vital information with customised Wheel Charts and Slide Charts.

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