Add some Pop and Surprise to your Direct Mail Marketing Campaigns

Pop up Balls - Direct Mail Marketing Campaigns

Pop up Balls – Direct Mail Marketing Campaigns

Direct mail is often viewed as the golden oldie of marketing in this digital age but this really is not the case at all.  A well-thought out direct mail marketing campaign will help to get you new business and increase response from existing clients. Using a pop up product which is full of surprise is a terrific way to get your message across and grab maximum attention.

Pop up Ball – Chart Topper   

All the pop up products are sent out compressed into a mailing wrap and they spring free as soon as opened.  The mailing wraps themselves attract attention because they are chunky and stand out in the mail tray begging to be opened. Once they are and the pop up erupts maximum interest and focus is gained for your marketing message. The Pop up Ball is one such product that for direct mail marketing campaigns is a chart topper and very versatile too. You can even have pen holes in the top or a printed calendar as part of your design to encourage “keepability”.

Pop up Pyramid – Full of Surprise

The Pop up Pyramid is another product that lends itself perfectly to direct mail marketing campaigns. The shape of this pop up product is unusual and it creates a talking point immediately with the recipient and co-workers and colleagues. The Egyptian Pyramids may be a golden oldie but the Pop up Pyramid from Whitney Woods is bang on trend for adding some pop and surprise to your campaigns.

Connection at its Best – Phone Holder    

The Pop up Phone Holder is a desk-top pop up product that is creeping up the charts as a top pick for direct mail marketing campaigns. Every customer and prospect will have a mobile phone and a pop up phone cradle desktop promotion is an ideal gift to send them.

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