Attention-Grabbing Christmas and New Year Promotional Items

Christmas and New Year Promotional items All Wrapped up!

Looking for attention-grabbing and novel ways to impress your customers and suppliers this year?  Why not design and send bespoke pop up Christmas and New Year promotional items? Eye-catching and full of surprise the pop up products are unusual and get you noticed; raising a smile every time.


Versatility is the Name of The Game

The Pop up Cube is dice-shaped but never a gamble. Whichever size of Pop up Cube you choose they all share the key factor of leaping free from the outer mailing wrap when least expected and gaining maximum focus to your Christmas message. For extra novelty value and extended “keepability” you can design your artwork to include either a printed twelve month calendar or pen holes and bet on your customers and suppliers using your Pop up Cube for a very long time indeed.


Four in One – Pop up Cubes

Yes that’s right – four cubes in one product – spring free when released rather like a Christmas cracker effect. For attention-grabbing Christmas and New Year promotional items the Jumpinjax direct mailer is in a league of its own.  You can have great fun designing and sending your customised Jumpinjax to your customers and suppliers.  Of course the standard design has four cubes but you can choose to have less if you wish – just speak to our team here with your ideas and they will be happy to help.


Jack in a Box Mailer

How about impressing your customers and suppliers with your own die-cut piece leaping free like a Jack in a Box Pop up Mailers? Originally designed as a Chinese Dragon this has gained pace as a Christmas and New Year promotional item designed as a mascot or something novel to reflect the festive season.  The choice is yours – whatever you choose your Jack in a Box mailer will be well received and get you noticed.


For more inspiration and ideas see christmasmarketing or popupmailers where our on-line Advisors are happy to assist you too