Brand Awareness Campaigns – Fun and Interactive

Red Reveal - Marketing Products for Brand Awareness Campaigns

Red Reveal – Marketing Products for Brand Awareness Campaigns

Promoting brand recognition is easy with fun and interactive products that really have an effect and get you noticed. Brand awareness campaigns need to be efficient so the addition of a surprise element is always a good policy to have. Today I am highlighting a very unusual and attention-grabbing format for marketing, the Red Reveal marketing products from the business marketing products range.


Revealing Brand Awareness Campaign Idea

The Red Reveal Reader Card adds an air of mystery and fun to Brand Awareness Campaigns. The basis of this unusual marketing product is that you send your message in a scrambled format that can only be deciphered by using the red reveal direct marketing card. Message cards can also be sent in regular intervals to promote even more brand recognition and get people talking about your product or service.


Specs for Success

The Red Reveal Glasses have been added to the range and they give even more fun and novelty to a Brand Awareness Campaign. Once again you can send message cards out in staged intervals to keep up the interest in your brand. These are a recent addition and are already very popular for promoting brand awareness. You design your Revealing Specs to reflect your message and away you go.


Sealed and Delivered

And that’s not all – we have a Mailing House Department too – a team with over twenty years experience. All your Red Reveal products will be hand enclosed and labelled up by our experts here. Your data can be cleaned up and you can make substantial postal discounts too – produced, packed and posted for you al here under one roof.


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