Deliver your Message with Innovative and Captivating Marketing Products

Grab Attention with Captivating Direct Mail - A Pop up Box

Grab Attention with Captivating Direct Mail – A Pop up Box

Need ideas on how to deliver your message? Get yourself noticed with innovative and captivating marketing products that make an impact and increase response rates too. A physical piece of mail with a surprise or an entertaining element will do the trick and impress your existing clients and prospective clients alike.

Pop up Box – Versatile and Novel 

A Pop up Box is a great idea to deliver your message with a bit of fun. Your bespoke Pop up Box or Pop up Cuboid is mailed out compressed into a mailing wrap.  As soon as the wrap is opened Your box leaps free with energy when least expected which is a great surprise. Gaining one hundred percent attention these captivating marketing products are always a delight to receive, create a discussion with co-workers and get you noticed in seconds. You can even design your box as a mini replica of a product or something associated with your company product or services.

Flicker Card Fun 

The Flicker Card is a novel and captivating marketing product in an unusual brochure format. It is available in A5 and DL sizes as standard. The inner section delivers your message as it flicks over  as it is pulled by the reader. Often described as a “waterfall” effect the Flicker Card is very interactive and entertaining which is just what you need to impress your audience and increase response numbers.

Mysterious and Unusual – When Red Means Go

The Red Reveal is a very unusual and captivating marketing product with a great scope of opportunity.  The basis of this product is that you deliver your key message in a scrambled way that can only be deciphered by inserting a special red card. This innovative design is also perfect for sending out messages in stages – sort of “bait” to keep your audience intrigued.

For more ideas and captivating marketing products you can also view popupmailers where you can chat to our team on line and order FREE samples