Desk-top Advertising Works – Visual Marketing with Pen Pots and Calendars

Push up Pen Pals - Desk-top Advertising that Works

Push up Pen Pals – Desk-top Advertising that Works

You can’t beat the results from visual marketing products – they stand proudly on desks and work-stations working hard for you and constantly reminding your audience of your presence in the market place. Whether you choose a pen pot or a calendar or both you know that your desk-top advertising is a useful tool that will be used each and every day.

Go Potty with a Pen Pot

Push up pen Pals come in a few shapes and formats and are cost-effective to post since they are sent our flat. On receipt they are easily erected in seconds by your customers and prospects and very warmly received. They soon start working hard holding various items of office stationery and enforcing your marketing message. Desk-top advertising with promotional pen holders works because it is visual and your products are perceived as “gifts”.

Make a Date with a Calendar

Calendars are used every working day so why not send your customers, suppliers and prospects a desk-top advertising calendar? The very visual marketing product the Dissolve Business Desk Calendar has a changing image on one side and a printed calendar on the other side. For novelty value and interactivity this is a desk-top calendar format that will appeal to all. Used on a daily basis your marketing tool will stay around for 1 months at least making perfect marketing sense.

2 -in-1 Pen Pot Desk-top Advertising

How about combining the two? a Pop up Cube printed up with a calendar and designed with pen holes in the top rewards you with desk-top advertising that works. The 85 mm and 95 mm cubes are most suited to having pen holes in the top. The promotion calendar cubes are dice-shaped but are never a gamble, they are visual marketing, a desk-top gift and reward you with winning response rates.

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