Bottle Promotions and Drinks Marketing with Creative Ideas

Give Your Bottle Promotions Stand Out Qualities with a Bottle Tower

Give Your Bottle Promotions Stand Out Qualities with a Bottle Tower

For any drinks marketing campaign or bottle promotions projects you can stand out from the crowd with creative bottle collars, tags and sleeves. As your consumers shop they see bottle after bottle on the shelf looking pretty much the same but with the addition of attention grabbing bottle dressing you can easily get yours noticed. This way you instigate curiosity and once in your consumers hand they are more likely to purchase your bottle.

Bottle Hanger – Shapely Fun

The Bottle Hanger is carte blanche for you to create a bespoke hanger for your bottle promotions and encourage brand recognition. You can be as simplistic as you like or you can add extra panels for extra print area and interactivity. You can add a shape to compliment or reflect your drinks marketing campaign – recent ideas include a lemon shape and a bunch of grapes shape. You could even add extra bits to your Bottle Hanger; for example wobbly eyes to a face or a wobbly bit on a spring for extra fun and novelty value.

It’s a Wrap – Bottle Sleeve for Smaller Bottles

This bottle hanger idea was brought into the range due to customer demand for something novel and eye-catching for bottle promotions with stocky smaller bottles. The design team here came up with a bottle hanger in the shape of a hand holding the bottle; which was very successful playing a key role in promoting a new drink. This bottle sleeve is perfect for drinks marketing of beer bottles and smaller bottles and with your bespoke artwork is the perfect cocktail for successful drinks campaigns.

Tower of Strength for Bottle Promotions

The Bottle Tower has been around a long time and is still a best-seller for drinks marketing campaigns. Having four sides which slope inwards towards the top of the bottle the Bottle Tower  forms a snug fit around the bottle neck. This bottle collar shape gives a display from every angle or as I like to say an all-round display as it wraps all the way around the bottle neck.

These are just three products from a huge range – to see more you can visit popupmailers and even order FREE samples to view