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Flicker Card - Event Promotion Idea

Flicker Card – Event Promotion Idea

Planning an event means that you have a long “to-do” list and you need to design and plan your events marketing and event promotion ideas with care. You need to ensure that you choose the perfect attention-grabbing products for your event; ones that are interactive and gain maximum focus to your message and publicity. I have selected just two from our business communications products range to highlight here today.


Flicker Card Fun – Brochure for Events Marketing

The Flicker Card takes event and trade show marketing promotion ideas to a new level; it is available in A5 or DL sizes and has an inner section that flips over as the reader pulls a card. A Flicker Card gives you plenty of print area whichever size you choose and keeps the readers hands busy which is a proven way to enforce your event publicity and information. The flick over cards make it a very amusing design and makes the Flicker Card perfect for events marketing, for event promotion ideas or for promotional handouts too.


Push and Pull – Pushes up your Profile and Pulls in The Crowd

The Push and Pull also comes in various sizes and keeps the readers hand busy . By pulling a card out at one end another one ejects at the same time. This action in itself is very entertaining indeed and gets one hundred per cent focus on your events marketing communication. Whether you design your bespoke Push and Pulls as event promotion or trade show invites ideas for invitations or promotional handouts you are guaranteed to make maximum impact and results.


More event marketing and event promotion ideas can be viewed at popupmailers where you can also chat to our Advisors on line and even order FREE samples too