How to Make Direct Mail an Integral Part of Your Marketing

Direct Mail to Extend your Profile - Extender Card

Direct Mail to Extend your Profile – Extender Card

It is a fact that these days more and more of your customers are using laptops and smart phones and you may think that digital marketing is the best way to go. However, you can actually marry up the two – printed promotional products with QR codes and calls to action to visit websites work and make a happy partnership for improving response rates. You can make direct mail an integral part of your marketing programme with impressive and unusual products.


Extender Card – Extending Panels

This is a very interactive and attention-grabbing pull out card format with plenty of print area for your marketing message. The three extending panels eject as you pull the first one out which gains 100% focus as soon as received. Sent in a chunky mailer the Extender Card makes an impression as it sits in the mail tray begging to be opened. Because of the reduction in volumes of mail your customers and prospects love to receive a mailing of this calibre; it creates a talking point which means job well done! If you include a call to action to visit the website for instance then that is even better.


Jumpinjax – Mini Cubes Give Extra Oomph

The Jumpinjax is a smart direct mail idea and has a surprising element too. The chunky mailing wrap contains four mini cubes and message cards and as soon as opened the four cubes spring out when least expected. This is a jolly and novel idea to add fun to your direct mail campaign; a Jumpinjax grabs attention and make a good impression too. Often designed to reflect the number four – four stars, four seasons, four new products etc. they can also be custom-made to suit your current advertising message.


Desk Dissolve Desk Calendar

A moving picture is always very interactive and eye-catching too and the Dissolvers we produce are very popular for direct mail campaigns. They come in many guises but at this time of year the Desk Dissolve Business Desk Calendar seems to be the best-seller. The A6 product has a moving picture on one side and a large space for your promotional print on the other.


For more ways to make direct mail work for you see popupmailers where you can order samples and chat to us on line during UK office hours too