Make the Most out of Card Holders and Carriers

Folding Panels - 3-Dimensional Foldilocks Card Carriers

Folding Panels – 3-Dimensional Foldilocks Card Carriers

Card holders are not just a safe place to store membership, loyalty, gift or hotel key cards; they can be your best marketing product too. 3-Dimensional formats for card carriers packed with promotional print get you noticed and are an advertising opportunity in addition to performing a function.


Folding Card Holders – Folding Panels for Fun Printing

The Card Carrier Foldilocks and the Card Carrier Swatch are two of my favourite designs. With these two you have a chance to display your marketing message in an attention-grabbing way with panels of print. The Swatch Card Holder fans out as you would expect from a swatch format and the Foldilocks is made up of folding perforated panels that all fold away into the outer covers. Because of the design both have lots of print area and make very eye-catching and unusual loyalty customer marketing membership card holders, gift card holders, loyalty card holders and hotel key card holders too.


Extension to your Promotion or Information

The Card Carrier Extenders are 3-dimensional and make the issuing of cards more attractive and fun. These card presenters have an extending sleeve to hold and protect the cards. The interactive design gains maximum focus to your promotional print whether advertising or informative. As your Extender card carrier slides out the card is visible and can be used – simply slide it back in and the card holder pocket is protected and safe.


Add a touch of Glamour

Adding glamour and prestige to your card holders is easy with the Starburst design card carriers. They open up in a very interactive and theatrical way to reveal extra information or advertising. Often this is a product of choice where a venue map or map of the local area is required. The card holder Starburst add a showy and attractive feel to any issuing of cards whether for gifts or with a practical use such as hotel key cards, membership and loyalty cards.


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