Keeping Promotional Marketing Ideas Colourful

Interloop Mailer - Versatile and Captivating Marketing

Interloop Mailer – Versatile and Captivating Marketing

Hope you are all organised to pick up those Black Friday bargains tomorrow.  Here at Whitney Woods we have had “Colourful November” instead of Black Friday special offers.  A whole month of promotional marketing ideas discounts and there is still time to get yours! Contact the sales team for more information.

The Interloop Mailer has been a popular product this month and Clients designs have included direct mail pieces,  trade show give-aways and alternative festive greeting cards.

The tumbling effect of the Interloop Mailer is captivating and it is picked up again and again. It comes in four sizes too – 120 mm, 150 mm, 170 mm and 210 mm and designing your artwork is easier than you think. Our team are on hand every turn of the card to assist you with your artwork design and production time-scales.

To read all the marketing message the reader has to turn and turn the product again and again – I always compare it to a Rubik Cube – although it is more pleasurable and less frustrating  to read an Interloop Mailer!

If you are looking for a direct mail idea then the Interloop Mailer takes flat mail and promotional marketing ideas to a higher level and yet still remains cost-effective to post. We usually recommend colourful envelopes are used to mail out and we can supply those for you too. Peter F. Smith, Marketing Manager at Samsung said:

“The response we had from our Bauma Interloopmailer® as a direct mail piece was the best yet.”

You can find more information, photos and videos at popupmailers