Mini Brochures – Big Impact and Pocket-sized

Make a Big Impact by Thinking Small with Foldilocks Cards

Make a Big Impact by Thinking Small with
Foldilocks Cards

Mini brochures make a big impact and yet they are pocket-sized and compact.  It is easy to digest information, increase response rates and create a talking point with interactive small brochures.

Interactive small brochures and cleverly folded information leaflets pack a punch, get your message across and can be easily carried and referred to again and again. Folding panels, clever folds and eyeletted panels are just a few examples of the tactile and attention-grabbing formats to choose from.

From as small as business card sized and a minimum order quantity of 250 they are perfect for pocket guides, event give-aways, venue guides, tourism maps, information leaflets, product information booklets.

The photograph here shows the Foldilocks Card small brochure – this format features concertina-style folding panels with a locking tab.

Carolyn Smith who is Marketing and Communications Co-ordinator at Coventry University College was extremely pleased with her Foldilocks: “The whole process was very efficient, and the product is of good quality. It was delivered in good time.”

The Foldilocks Card is just one format from a variety of styles to choose from – we can send you some free samples to view if you wish and the sales team are happy to discuss your requirements anytime: