Why you need Interactive Marketing Ideas


extender-card_203x203_acf_cropped_203x203_acf_croppedOne of the benefits of a direct mail piece is its physicality; it can be held and touched encouraging a reaction. A simple letter or flyer will not suffice though; you need something to encourage maximum interaction and tactility.

Interactive marketing ideas that encourage the reader to lift, pull or touch gets your message across easily and your details are recalled to mind when required.

Adding a call to action to your customised interactive marketing ideas gives you the perfect recipe for an effective marketing mix.

Firstly INTERACTION – something to grab attention followed by REACTION guiding your target audience to take another step.

Here at Whitney Woods we have a great selection of interactive marketing ideas and you can chat to the team live on line, call or e-mail us to discuss your requirements and objectives. The whole team have years of experience between them and are always coming up with brand new ideas too. The Business Development team can even work with you on new shapes and designs to tailor to your exact needs.

Getting in touch is easy and is the first step to creative and interactive marketing collateral that works: popupmailers.co.uk