Printed Bottle Collars – Attractive and Effective

Bold and Eye-catching Printed Bottle Collars – Bottle Balls

Printed bottle collars and bottle neckers will soon have you popping corks in celebration of a successful advertising campaign.  Whether you are bottle marketing or advertising on bottles at conferences and events printed bottle collars  look attractive and grab attention resulting in successful advertising.

Balls – Score Well Every Time

The Bottle Balls are one of the largest in the bottle collars range with plenty of display area that cannot be missed. Fitting snugly around bottle necks the Bottle Balls are eye-catching and with the interlocking format  they stay in place and draw in the crowds.  So for big, bold and unmissable printed bottle collars the Bottle Balls are a wise choice.

Dress Up Your Bottles

As far as dressing up your bottles is concerned the Collar and Tie printed bottle collars are not just for Sundays.  They are for any day at all and are hard to miss as they sit proudly on bottles displaying your promotional print and advertising.  They are supplied already interlocked and flat ready for you  to place onto your bottle necks which is why they are in the best-selling top 5 drinks promotion ideas. Simples!

Bottle Tower – From Strength to Strength

The Bottle Tower is one of my favourite printed bottle collars – the four sloping sides are customisable to fit your bottle necks and they slip over in seconds.  No damsel in distress with the Bottle Tower – just increased exposure and successful advertising campaigns.

Dress up your Bottles with Collar and Tie Printed Bottle Collars

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