New Year – New Promotional Ideas – New Customers

Extending Pull Out Cards - PROMOTIONAL IDEAS

New year is the time when we all start off with a gusto, the resolutions, the diets, the good intentions – many of which we know we will not stick to. But the new year can be very productive for starting over with new designs for promotional ideas and direct mail campaigns.   Grab your team, pool your ideas and decide how which attention- grabbing marketing products are going to be best for you.


Interaction – Gets a Reaction

The Extender Cards are pull out card format interactive designs that grab attention immediately and require your customers and prospects to play with them to read the full message. Giving you an excellent area for your printed message the Extender Cards almost triple from original size.   They make the perfect new promotional ideas  for your marketing strategy for 2015 and are great fun to both design and send.

Moving Pictures – Transformation Imagery

The moving picture cards or picture dissolves as we call them attract interest immediately and are ideal for marketing messages about change or highlighting benefits of your  services or products. Add these to your portfolio as new promotional ideas  and your only problem will be deciding which format to choose from the vast array of sizes and styles.

Give your marketing tactics list a new direction with new ideas and make this the year for promotional ideas and direct mail campaigns to reap the best rewards. See the whole range: business communication product overview and give us a call to order your FREE SAMPLES and chat to our Advisors about your ideas.