Pop up Mailing fits all Marketing Strategies and Grabs Attention

Pop up Mailing - Any time, any place and anywhere!

Whatever you want to say, whatever you have to say pop up mailing products will deliver your message effectively and with an attention-grabbing novelty value too. Printed pop up mailing marketing products are perfect for all marketing scenarios from direct mail for product announcement, new services, brand awareness and event invitations and publicity. Want to know more? Visit popupmailers and chat to our team on line and request your free samples.


Knock Spots off the Rest – Chunky is Best

You can knock spots off your competitors with pop up mailer mailing ideas that are full of energy and surprise.  All the pop up items are sent to your target audience compressed into the outer mailing wraps.  The wraps themselves are chunky which makes them stand out in the morning post amongst the boring flat envelopes; they create curiosity and are opened immediately.  On opening the pop up mailing products spring free grabbing maximum focus and raising a smile every time.  You design your bespoke artwork for your chosen product and your wrap and we do the rest; we can even mail them out for you if you are a UK based customer.


Choosing your Pop up

Selecting the ideal shape and size for your current marketing strategies is fun too; the huge array is almost like a sweetie shop – so many formats and so many shapes and sizes.  Our team can help you t o select from the business communication product overview and we can send you samples to play with too.  Some of the pop up mailing products can have pen holes in; some can have a printed calendar as part of your artwork and some can have a coin sot in the top too.  Transforming pop up mailing into a “gift” of a desk-top product is always warmly received and also ensures that your company remains in focus for a long time too but the ultimate choice is yours.  Give us a call or chat to us on-line today and get your pop up mailing ideas on their way.