Powerful Promotional Mailings – Direct Mail is Back

Direct  Mail - Powerful Promotional Mailings Direct to Your Customers and Prospects

Direct Mail – Powerful Promotional Mailings Direct to Your Customers and Prospects

Technology seemed to take over for a while – everyone turning to electronic formats for their advertising and marketing; however direct mail is back. Well managed campaigns and powerful promotional mailings give target audiences something to hold and generate increased response rates too.  The positives for using direct mail are that it is not here today and gone tomorrow like electronic advertising mediums and gets that message across for you.


Dust off your Direct Mail Ideas

Get your prospects to hold your marketing message in their hands with powerful promotional mailings that cannot be ignored.  Unlike electronic advertising with a shelf-life of seconds direct mail is a physical piece that your target audience can hang on to long after your initial marketing campaign.  One of my favourites for direct mail campaigns is the Pop up Phone Holder. Bang on trend a cell phone cradle for desks and work-stations takes direct mail contact to a new level.  Perceived as a “gift” there is no better way to communicate with existing customers and prospects alike.   Posted out compressed your customised Pop up Phone Holders are engaging when received and go on to work for a long time afterwards too.


Jack in a Box Mailer

Powerful promotional mailings with your choice of die-cut object bouncing out in a jack in a box spring like style give direct mail a whole new  dimension.  Originally designed to order for a client this is now a very popular form of direct mail with marketing agencies and direct clients alike. You choose your style, you design your artwork and you are on your way to a very successful and novel marketing campaign.


And There’s More……

…….for UK customers if the thought of a direct mailing campaign gives you a headache we can do it all. Yes we can post your campaign out to your target audience exactly when you want.  We clean your data – we get the best possible postal costs and you can sit back and relax. The Mail by Hand team have years of experience and get the job done for you.


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