Put Fun Back into your Marketing Tactics for Increased Response

Add Jack in a Box Mailers to your Marketing Tactics - Full of Fun and Entertainment

The winter nights are drawing in now and the leaves are falling off the trees so what better way to impress your customers and suppliers than with marketing products that raise a smile and entertain? You need marketing tactics that will grab attention immediately and entertain at the same time to get your message across and increase response.


Jack in a Box – Pop up Idea

The Jack in a Box Mailer is a fun marketing idea that you can have lots of fun designing. Your bespoke die-cut piece springs out just like the jack in a box toys from the old days.  Gaining maximum attention is easy with this delightful and fun pop up design.  Originally produced to portray a Chinese Dragon it has since been styled in various guises and all have reported excellent response rates.


Interloop Mailers – Unusual Marketing Tactics

The Interloop Interactive Mailers are a definition of fun marketing; these are interactive in that your customers and suppliers have to turn and turn again and again to read the full message. This tactile format is both entertaining and effective at the same time.  Coming in four sizes from 120mm up to 210mm square with a minimum order of 500 units the Interloop Mailers are perfect for any marketing scenario.  Adding these unique designs to your marketing tactics will get you noticed and get people talking about you.


Portray your Image with Fun

You don’t need me to talk about Face Masks for a marketing campaign; they do their own talking. With your design the Face Masks certainly attract attention and increase response rates. Choose what you like; a cartoon character, a photograph of the Boss, your company mascot and get your face out there for all to see and talk about.


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