Reasons to use Direct Mail for Advertising and Marketing Promotions

Direct Mail Packs a Punch

Direct mail is not a new way of marketing; it is a long standing and traditional form of marketing communication. If however you are of the opinion that it has lost its importance as far as your marketing efforts are concerned maybe you need  to see some reasons why direct mail is actually essential to get people talking about your products and services.  If, like me you open up your e-mails every morning to find a deluge of marketing e-mails  you may also like me hit the delete button and miss some that may be significant without a second thought.

In a Busy World – Mail Grabs Attention

Direct mail really packs a punch and is a vital cog in your advertising and marketing promotions wheel.  Every one of your customers and prospects will be bombarded with digital marketing and e-mails that all blend into one  but absolutely delighted to receive a physical direct mail piece with entertaining qualities.  Creating a talking point with co-workers a dynamic and unusual direct mail format with a pop up feature from the business marketing products range cannot fail to capture maximum attention.

Call to Action – Gets you Noticed

Adding a call to action to your direct mail makes your advertising and marketing promotions more tangible and attention-grabbing. Asking your customers and prospects to call you, or offering discounts with a certain action is definitely an avenue you can pursue with interactive direct mail ideas. You can order FREE samples and see for yourself how you can work your call to action into tactile direct mail pieces.

Target Your Market Group

Direct mail ideas are perfect to target your audience more accurately. You are in control and if you use a reputable mailing house to check your data and  mail your advertising and marketing promotions items out  you know that you are totally in control and can monitor results more accurately.  Here at Whitney Woods we can do this for you too!

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