Successful Direct Mail Promotions by Keeping the Reader Entertained

For Direct Mail Promotions with a “Secret” Message – Red Reveal Reader

The secret to success with direct mail promotions is to amuse your customers and prospects and keep them entertained. The days where a letter, flyer or postcard would suffice are long gone.  Keeping hands busy is the best way to get your message across immediately and ensure that it is not forgotten by creating a memorable experience.  Today I have chosen just two best-selling formats to keep your readers entertained and increase your profile.

Add an Air of Mystery – Make an Impact Again and Again

The Red Reveal direct marketing product  is a marvel as far as direct mail promotions go; it adds an air of mystery by allowing you to send a secret message that can only be read by inserting the “magic” reader card. As far as creating a memorable impact this is a fun and unusual design and perfect for creating a talking point and adding a little intrigue.  Since your scrambled message cannot be read without the reader card it is perfect for keeping the reader entertained. And that’s not all – this is a format that is also ideal for “dangling the bait” and then sending your marketing message in stages to maintain maximum interest in your direct mail promotions.


Moving Picture Cards – Any Time, Any Place and Anywhere

A picture tells a thousand words and a moving picture is even better.  The Picture Dissolve  range are perfect for direct mail promotions and keeping the reader entertained.  Coming in different sizes and formats they can portray any message at all easily and with lots of customer interaction. The Cover Dissolve displays the moving picture as soon as the reader opens the cover and the Dissolvers require the reader to pull the card. Either one is dynamic and perfect for increasing response rates in direct mail promotions.


These are just two from a huge range of direct mail promotions and more can be seen at business communication products. If you fancy at chat on on-line to one of our Advisors or to order a FREE sample pack see popupmailers