The Elves have Direct Mail Ideas and are Waiting to Grant your Christmas Wishes

Deck the Halls with a Pop up Diamond from the Pop up Gems range -  Top Quality Christmas Direct Mail Ideas

Deck the Halls with a Pop up Diamond from the Pop up Gems range – Top Quality Christmas Direct Mail Ideas

The Whitney Woods elves are waiting to grant your Christmas wishes and produce your perfect direct mail ideas to impress your customers and suppliers. Thanking them for past business and encouraging future business relationships is of paramount importance for your festive greetings and the Whitney Woods elves have lots of ideas for you.


We Wish You a Merry Christmas

A Pop up 3D Card is a great way to express your thanks and good wishes to your customers and suppliers and will get you noticed. You can stand out from the crowd with a bespoke and attention-grabbing 3D Pop up card. There are so many versions of Christmas greetings Pop up Cards and I cannot chat about them all. Maybe the Whitney Woods elves could send you a sample pack so that you can see for yourself how your company details will look on them?

Deck the Halls with a Pop up Gem

Adding a touch of sparkle to your Christmas direct mail ideas is easy with a Pop up Gem. A carat or two for your customers in the gem shaped pop ups will impress your customers and suppliers as much as a carrot for Rudolph. The Pop up Gems which includes the prestigious Pop up Diamond are compressed into their mailing wraps and spring out as soon as opened. The gems can have a metallic loop affixed in silver or gold too so that they can easily deck the halls of offices and workplaces too.

Rocking Around the Christmas Tree

Moving pictures, changing images or dissolvers – call them what you will there is no doubt that a changing image is a terrific way to grab attention to your Christmas wishes. We now even have a Dissolve Business Desk Calendar option. Once again there are far too many to chat about here today and a sample pack is the best “catalogue” we have.

So if I have tempted you into ordering a sample pack or you wish to chat to our team on line you can visit christmasmarketing and popupmailers too