Think Direct Mail is “Old Hat”? Think Again

Grab Attention with Direct Mail - Pop up Box

Grab Attention with Direct Mail – Pop up Box

It is often a misconception that with the increase in digital marketing and social media direct mail is not necessary to increase sales and exposure.  This is not true and in fact direct mail is back in fashion in a big way.  All your contacts will enjoy the experience of handling a physical piece received in the mail; it is a refreshing change from the influx of e-mails that often get deleted before bring read.

Top Hat Fun –  Pop up Box

A Pop up Box is a terrific way to impress your customers and prospects and is direct mail at its very best. Compressed into a chunky mailing wrap it springs into shape as soon as released and creates a memorable impact.  You are in charge of your direct mail piece all the way working with a dedicated Account Manager from Whitney Woods.  You choose your size of Pop up Box; you design your artwork to our templates and we produce your bespoke Pop up Box direct mail items.  Sorted!

Fascinator Fun – Pop up Ball  

Another pop up product with equal attention-grabbing qualities is the Pop up Ball.  This too is sent out as a direct mail piece in a mailing wrap and bounces free as soon as opened. With cardboard engineering we cannot get a perfect round and this is the nearest we get to a ball shape.  This makes it a quirky product and fascinating for your customers and prospects alike.  Once again you are in total control of your customised Pop up Balls from conception to fruition.

Flat Cap –  Fun and Interactive

Maybe pop up products are not your first choice and you prefer a flat piece of direct mail.  The moving picture cards may well fit the bill perfectly for you. The Picture Dissolve as we call them come in a variety of styles and formats and they are fun and interactive. A changing image can portray your marketing message easily and quickly in an amusing and unusual way unlike those e-shots that end up in the junk mail never to be viewed again.

For more direct mail concepts take a look at popupmailers where you can also chat to our Advisors on on-line and order FREE samples too