Why Three Dimensional Direct Mail Works

A three dimensional direct mail package will always get the attention of the person receiving it and will be opened out of curiosity.

This type of mailing is particularly effective in reaching your target audience whose mail is screened by a “gatekeeper” secretary. For something that’s really going to stand out in the mailbox, then three dimensional direct mail really is your best option.

More and more Marketing Agencies are adding direct mail to their armoury because figures show that physical engagement is more successful than the bombardment of e-mail and social media. Three-dimensional mail adds weight and substance to any markeitng campaign.

So where do you start? You decide what format of three-dimensional mail suits your needs and budget then you design our artwork and our team will guide you you every step of the way.

My favourite of all the 3D direct mail products we currently produce is the Jumpinjax. This product is chunky mail with four pop ups to surprise and capture attention and message cards to carry promotional print. This dynamic and unusual direct product promotes curiosity as it arrives in the mail tray, then raises a smile as it is opened.

Why not contact us for a sample today? Beth Tomlins, Marketing Assistant at Bechtle Direct Ltd received a sample pack before placing her order for a Jumpinjax. This is what she had to say:

“Very helpful, fantastic quality products and great feedback from our customer. I loved the huge selection of samples that Whitney Woods sent in the post originally too – it meant I had a large selection of choices and the options are endless!”