Time to Think About Corporate Christmas Cards – Need Something Different?

What's Inside your Corporate Christmas Cards?

What’s Inside your Corporate Christmas Cards?

It’s that time of year again – time to think about your Corporate Christmas Cards and if you want to stand out from the crowd you need something different. In todays blog I have chosen just a few attention-grabbing and unusual ides for your Christmas greetings.

Pop up Customised Christmas Cards

In the Pop up Christmas Cards range there are numerous styles available and all have an attention-grabbing feature. Corporate Christmas Cards with a Pop up Cube inside knock spots off standard cards and really impress recipients. You can design your 3D Cube as a festive greetings gift box if you so wish or you can customise it to suit your type of business. One example was a company who designed their festive greeting Pop up Cube card with the inner pop up section as a packing crate leaping from the page.

Festive Greetings with Wobbly Bits

This is one occasion when adding wobbly bits adds a bit of fun to Corporate Christmas Cards and raises a smile every time. The festive period is a time for thanking customers and suppliers alike and a wobbly bit Christmas card will do the job for you in a very different and novel way.

Tent Style Moving Picture Card

The A6 Tent Style Dissolve Card has a moving picture on one side which is very interactive and makes a terrific Corporate Christmas Card idea. You can even print a calendar on the reverse side so that your festive greeting is kept on work-stations and desks long after the Christmas decorations have been taken down.
Let Santa Deliver them too…….
Well not Santa exactly – the Whitney Woods elves actually! We have a Mailing House Department with over twenty years experience in mailing. All hand checked and processed by the experienced and dedicated team leave it to us to ensure that your Corporate Christmas cards are delivered on time.

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