‘Tis the Season to be Jolly – Fun Marketing Ideas

pyramid desk calendar

Pop up Products – Add Fun to Marketing

Put some fun into your marketing ideas and grab attention and response easily. Add a surprise to your direct mail campaigns and get your customers and prospects talking about you. A pop up shape will always impress your customers and prospects alike as it springs free from its mailer when least expected.

Pop up Cube – Boxing Clever

A Pop up Cube is a great way to send a marketing message to your customers and prospects and is a very versatile product too. There are four sizes to choose from and you can add pen holes if you wish or add a printed calendar to your artwork – or both! The smallest cube is also ideal for adding a coin slot for a pop up money box idea. Whatever size of format you choose your Pop up Cube will be sent out compressed into a wrap and will jump out as soon as released. This grabs maximum attention to these fun marketing ideas every time.

Pop up Pyramid – Prestigious

Why not add some kudos to your fun marketing ideas with the Pop up Pyramid shape? Pyramids always make us think about treasure and grandeur making the pyramid a perfect choice for any marketing campaign. You can even add pen holes to one face if you wish – like a wine-rack style transforming your Pop up Pyramid into a pen holder. Making an impact with this shape is easy and a great way to impress existing customers as well as potential customers.

Add a Zing to Fun Marketing Ideas

The Zing Thing is a great way to grab attention – not a pop up but a very interactive and unusual style. As you pull the card to read the message it retracts at speed again. I compare it to the Pinball machines for fun. You can really add some amusement and attention-grabbing qualities with the Zing Thing business postcards.

So want to make your marketing jolly? See more ideas at popupmailers