Tourism Marketing Ideas to Enhance Travel and Visitor Experience

Carry and Keep – Tourism Marketing Ideas to Enhance Visitor Experience

Attracting visitors and tourists to your city, venue or attraction is all about appealing to what people want and need from their travel experience. The defining factor will always be a memorable experience. So if you are putting together a marketing plan perhaps you need to consider  mini brochure formats for your visitors.  Venue guides, information booklets and location guides need not be bulky – as long as they are small and perfectly formed they will do the job and enhance visitor experience.

Foldilocks – Unlocking Lots f Information

Consisting of concertina folding  panels that are secured with a locking tab the Foldilocks tourist leaflets come in A7 and credit card sizes.  Hosting lots of your print and information they are a must-have accessory for any tourist to have. The panels have perforations too making these tourism marketing ideas perfect for designing to include tear-off discount coupons, loyalty vouchers etc.

Carry and Keep  Mini Booklet

The Carry and Keep mini booklet format does exactly as the name suggests – it is a super size (A7) for your carrying around and is kept for future reference as well as during a visit making it perfect for tourism marketing. This is one of my favourites because I love the style of the product and the versatility too.  Sturdy covers open up to reveal an A3 sheet packed with information . Enhancing travel and visitor experience this is a product makes it  a memorable experience to visit your attraction, venue or city.

Star Quality – Bursting with Potential

Coming in many sizes and styles the Starburst tourism and destination marketing ideas give your information booklets the wow factor and star quality.  Whichever size you choose and whether you select Mini, Double or Tripleburst Starbursts you can be assured that these flamboyant products enhance travel and visitor experience.

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