Unfold a World of Advertising Opportunities with Folded Marketing Products

Unfolding and Folding Again Interloop Mailer Fun

Unfolding and Folding Again Interloop Mailer Fun

Clever cardboard and paper engineering folded products will grab attention and get your marketing message across.  Interaction equals reaction and unfolding paper and card captures maximum focus and then is picked up again and again too. Here are some advertising opportunities with folded marketing products from the business marketing products choice.


Loop the Loop Interloop Mailer

This is a terrific way to grab attention, entertain the reader and is a top choice for folded marketing products that work.  You choose from four sizes available, design your Interloop Mailer interactive mailer artwork and leave the rest to us. The list of advertising opportunities with the Interloop Mailer is endless and it is cost-effective to post too which is always a bonus.


Predict Great Response – Fortune Teller

The Fortune Teller is also referred to as the Cootie Catcher but whatever you choose to call these folded marketing products they have the same effect. Taking some of us back to childhood playground memories the Paper Fortune Teller is very interactive as the reader has to turn it again and again to see your message. There are lots of advertising opportunities with this product which once again is very cost effective to mail to your target audience.


A Cross That Ticks the Box – Starburst Cross


The Starburst folded marketing products come in all shapes and sizes and are a hit with marketing agencies due to the extensive advertising opportunities.  Starting as small as credit-card size the Starburst unfolds like a flower coming into bloom.  The Starburst Cross is a very unusual and interactive format to use and one that will grab attention and keep it too. Many ways to design and recently used as a pocket sized plan for a client.

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