Bottle Collarettes, Bottle Tags – Drinks Marketing

Bottle Collaretts, tags and hangers - Make Your Drinks Marketing Stand out from the Crowd

Bottle Collarettes, tags and hangers – Make Your Drinks Marketing Stand out from the Crowd

Bottle collarettes, tags and hangers enhance drinks marketing and bottle promotions, grab attention and increase sales.  From a simple bottle hanger to something more complex they all hang or sit around the bottle neck and attract attention to bottles as they sit on shelves. You can order FREE samples to decide which product is ideal for your next drinks promotions campaign.

Bottle Banner – He Who Shouts Loudest

The Bottle Banner is almost like a flag waving to consumers from the bottle neck. This style gives you a large print area and is definitely a “he who shouts loudest” product. The design makes it easy to slip onto the bottle and fits snugly to the neck. The Bottle Banner stands out on even the most crowded of shelves, gets your bottles noticed – and purchased.


Moving Picture Speaks a Thousand Words

The dissolving picture products are available in many formats and very popular with marketing agencies so it was only natural that they would progress into the drinks promotions range. The Bottle Dissolver is a very interactive design, very amusing and captivating. Slipping over bottle necks they stay secure until removed and then portray your drinks marketing with two interchangeable pictures.


Swatch this Space

The Bottle Swatch bottle hang is another example of how our popular marketing products have transferred successfully into the drinks marketing selection. The Swatch Card has the addition of the bottle hang in this case and the panels are all secured with an eyelet.  Looking substantial when hanging around the bottle neck they capture much attention. Once removed from the bottle they are very entertaining as the panels “fan out” to reveal your drinks promotion message.


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