Box Clever with Amazing Attention- Grabbing Marketing Products

Jack in a Box Mailer - Attention-Grabbing Marketing Product

Jack in a Box Mailer – Attention-Grabbing Marketing Product

The first thing you want your marketing to do is to attract attention. By boxing clever with attention-grabbing marketing products you stand out from the crowd and get noticed. The Jack in a box Mailer, the Jumpinjax and the Spring Box are three I have chosen to chat about here today.

Jack in a Box Mailer

This is a surprise within a box that will delight your customers and prospects alike when they open it. You choose your die-cut character or shape and it is sent out compressed and springs out just like a jack in a box. The Jack in a Box Mailer  attracts maximum attention and gets your message across in a very personalised and surprising way. Marketing products of this calibre will work hard for you and increase response rates greatly.

Jumpinjax – Four Cubes Fun

Boxing clever with the Jumpinjax is another attention-grabbing format and in this case four mini cubes are compressed into an outer sleeve and they all pop out as soon as the tray is opened. Coming with one or two messages cards as well there is plenty of print area for your marketing messages. Rather like a Christmas cracker effect the Jumpinjax is a delightful marketing product and perfect for direct mail campaigns.

Spring Box – Small but Perfectly Formed

The Spring Box is a “mini me” of the Jumpinjax but with equal effect.  A smaller version but one of the most effective marketing products for capturing maximum attention. This is a format that is perfect for promotional handouts and trade-show give-aways too.

These are just three of the ways you can box clever and grab attention, many more ideas can be viewed at businesscommunicationpoductoverview and you can chat to us live or order samples at popupmailers too.