Brand Marketing with Bottle Collars, Bottle Neckers and Tags

Dressed for Best - Brand Marketing Collar and Tie

Dressed for Best – Brand Marketing Collar and Tie

Imagine your consumers walking down an aisle in a store and seeing row after row of bottles and just one with a bottle collar on. YOURS!

This catches their attention and they pick up the bottle to investigate further. Yes indeed this could be your bottles – standing out from the crowd, attracting much interest and making an impression. The bottle collar featured on the picture above is the Whitney Woods collar and tie and as you can see it wraps around the bottle, has plenty of print area and is attention-grabbing too.

With eye-catching bottle collars, neckers and tags you can get your bottles noticed and increase sales and the collar and tie is just one design from a huge variety of styles. In the extensive bottle marketing range we have something for everyone whether you are considering print space, ultimate sales and marketing goals, promoting with a mini brochure and even if on a limited budget.

It is a good idea to continue with branded bottle dressing products after an initial marketing campaign – to encourage brand recognition and extra sales for a long time. As we all know something that is familiar to us is often the purchase of choice again and again.

So if you want to be saying “Cheers” and celebrating why not as an aperitif contact us now to order a bottle collar sample pack and we will have it in the mail today.

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