B8 Real Estate

Launched in 2011, B8 Real Estate are a specialist property practice in the North of England. With over 100 years’ combined experience in the property market the company provides experienced, professional real estate advice. Over the past 20 years they have worked on some of the largest Industrial and Distribution property deals in the North West.


   Use: Direct Mail Campaign


B8 Real Estate wanted to advertise availability of vacant properties ‘en mass’ to businesses in specific geographical areas. They chose targeted postcard mailings as a simple but effective way to stimulate interest and encourage enquiries.

“This type of direct mail has always proved successful for us. Mailings can be time consuming but using a mailing house allows us to focus on core business activities .”

With direct mail offering a much higher response rate than email marketing, targeted mailing was the right fit.

“Outsourcing to a mailing house also allows us to benefit from postage discounts which would not be available to us if we’d sent the mailing ourselves.”

B8 Real Estate arranged for the postcards to be printed and delivered straight to the mailing house along with their ‘raw’ data. From there Whitney Woods :-

  • Cleansed the data (removing duplicates, making sure addresses were complete etc.)
  • Sorted the data (as per Royal Mail guidelines to benefit from postage discounts)
  • Supplied labels and printed them with address details from the data
  • Affixed the address labels maintaining mailing order to achieve postal discounts
  • Sorted the items into bags according to Royal Mail’s requirements
  • Dispatched the postcard mailing with Royal Mail

As postage is paid on all items sent (not just those successfully delivered) B8 Real Estate found the data cleansing services a real plus. Helping to avoid wasted postal charges and save on valuable marketing collateral. Undelivered mail that does get returned can’t always be re-used and is effectively money down the drain.

Product Information

Letters sorted and sent Business Mail with Royal Mail

Miling house services for a direct mail campaign


“The service we receive from Whitney Woods is always first class, we know we can rely on them to do a good job and to get the job done.”