FactoryCat UK

FactoryCat machines are produced by a family owned business. Their machines are still hand assembled and built in line with customers specifications.

Taking great pains to design out any non-essential items they instead focus on truly Industrial cleaning performance with equipment designed to “live and Last” in industrial environments. FactoryCat has earned its reputation by manufacturing the most robust floor cleaning equipment. Both simple to operate and maintain this also helps reduce running costs and downtime.

More than 400 distributors in over 40 countries now share the FactoryCat passion, any UK enquires can be made through our website


Product: Dissolve    Use: Event hand outs & Direct mail


Throughout 2016, FactoryCat focused on increasing awareness of their brand and encouraging new prospective customers. They considered a number of marketing methods before deciding how they would go about this.

“We found that a large majority of marketing is done by email and due to the volume people receive it can end up unseen in the dreaded spam box.

Speaking to our customer base, their feedback was that not much was received by post anymore and we decided to return to this method of marketing.”

FactoryCat chose the Cover Dissolve product as the promotional literature in their brand awareness promotions. As well as creating a direct mail campaign, they attended industry related trade shows to try and raise their profile. They were able to use the same versatile picture change literature as both the direct mail campaign and as event handouts for visitors to their stand.

“We felt using a tactile marketing product would encourage recipients to really read and take notice of our marketing message.

Whether they received it through the post or face to face at one of the shows, the dissolving picture cards increase customer engagement due to the nature of the sliding picture. In addition, the changing picture mechanism enabled us to create a unique before and after picture to help illustrate the cleaning power of our products.”

Product Information

DL or A5 as standard
Litho print 4 colour process
Gloss lamination, spot UV varnish and other special finishes optional
350gsm silk art board
Minimum order quantity 250 units

FactoryCat promotional print