Corporate Christmas Greetings and Gifting

Presentation is Everything

Presentation is Everything

There is still time to make your corporate Christmas gifts and cards stand out from the crowd. Presentation is everything and you can really make an impact and secure future business prospects during the festive period.


The Spirit of Christmas

Bottles of Spirits and Wine are often gifts of choice for Corporate Gifts and you can make yours even more effective with a creative bottle tag or collar. Giving is better than receiving and you can make it even more pleasurable with unique and attractive decorative collars. We even have a bottle tag that can hold a gift card – so if you are giving a gift card and a bottle this bottle gift card presenter makes perfect sense. We can string up the most plain of bottle tags with metallic string to add extra flair to Christmas gifting too.


Gift Box to Grab Attention

Maybe you need a gift box to send a chocolate coin or novelty to your customers and suppliers? The Telescopic Box is the way to do it. This is a chunky box within a box that extends to 720mm in length and is perfect for enclosing a Christmas novelty or message too. To really make an impact for Corporate Christmas Greetings and Gifting this really stands out from the crowd and gets you noticed.


Jack in a Box Mailer

The Jack in a Box Mailer makes a very novel and attention grabbing Christmas greeting idea. You choose your artwork design and choice of die-cut piece to create a spring-like pop up mailer with attitude. As soon as the outer mailing wrap is opened your novelty pop up piece erupts and surprises your customers and prospects. Make an impact with a jack in a box festive greeting that will get tongues wagging and raise a smile every time.


Presentation is Key to Grabbing Attention - A Telescopic Box is a Gift in itself!

Presentation is Key to Grabbing Attention – A Telescopic Box is a Gift in itself!

Don’t just take my word for it – there is still time to order samples and see for yourself how you too can make an impact with Christmas greetings and gifting – you can see popupmailers and christmasmarketing webpages too