Creative and Amusing Direct Mail – Creates a Memorable Experience

Bobbing Duck Card - Interactive,Creative and Amusing Direct Mail

Bobbing Duck Card – Interactive,Creative and Amusing Direct Mail

Beatrix Potter was born this day in 1866 and created wonderful stories and animations that are still be read today by both Children and Adults. Her books are creative and amusing and these are two elements you need for your direct mail to make the biggest impact. In today’s blog I have highlighted some products to grab attention and create a memorable experience for your audience.




Benjamin Bunny – Jumpinjax

The Jumpinjax is as bouncy as Benjamin Bunny and is a terrific direct mail idea to grab attention. As far as amusing direct mail goes the four mini cubes springing free from the tray raise a smile and create a talking point every time. Giving you plenty of print area for your story to unfold you can have great fun with your graphic design for your bespoke Jumpinjax marketing product. There is a mini bunny option too – the Springbox which also has for mini cubes enclosed into the mailer for amazing attention-grabbing qualities.

Jemima Puddle Duck – Bobbing Duck Card

The Bobbing Duck Card is a very interactive card that is captivating for the reader as they move the duck up and down. This creative and amusing direct mail idea can be totally bespoke with your choice of die cut piece bobbing up and down – you may prefer Peter Rabbit or Jeremy Fisher to match your marketing message. Creating a memorable experience the Bobbing Duck card format enforces your message in a novel way.

Tales of Marketing – Roly Poly Pudding

Our roly poly pudding is the Pop up Ball which is compressed into the mailing wrap and bounces free as soon as released. Just like the Beatrix Potter stories that are read again and again and kept forever your bespoke creative and amusing direct mail Pop up Ball will sit on desks and work-stations for a long time too. You can add pen holes to the top to make it a desk-top novelty too.

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