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Prism Card - Perfect for Desk-top Advertising Calendars

Prism Card – Perfect for Desk-top Advertising Calendars

Getting your company noticed is easy with desk-top advertising products that work. Pen pots, calendars and even money boxes can all make a real difference to your marketing strategy. This time of year is perfect for sending out direct mail gifts to customers and suppliers instead of a traditional Christmas card. You can view lots of desk-top advertising ideas in the business marketing products section; I have chosen three to chat about here today:
Prism Card – Calendar Fun
The Prism Card is a cost-effective form of direct mail all year round but at Christmas it comes into its own when enhanced with a printed calendar. Your Prism Card arrives with your customers and suppliers flat and is easily erected in seconds. These are vital seconds as they gain maximum focus to your company and your marketing idea is a winner. Then as it stands on desks and work-tops performing the function of a desk-top calendar your company is remembered long after your initial mailing campaign. Don’t take my word for it – order a samples and see for yourself how versatile this product can be.
Go Potty – Pen Pot Fun
All your customers and suppliers will use pens and pencils and a pot to put them in is the perfect desk-top advertising plan. A Power Pen Pal is exactly as it says on the tin – it has power with the rubber-band activation – it holds pens and pencils – and it is your customers and suppliers friend. Sent out compressed into its mailing wrap this pop up pen pot springs free as soon as opened attracting much attention and raising a smile every time. It has plenty of room for promotional print and you can even print a calendar on this product for a 2 in 1 desktop advertising piece.
Novelty Money Box
You may regard money boxes as items for charities and fund raising campaigns only but they are increasingly popular for desk-top advertising too. You can come up with a novel and unusual novelty money box idea such as a swear box, a suggestion box or a fines box. The 75 mm Popup Cube Collecting Box is a small but perfectly formed visual marketing aid – desk-top advertising for every working day.
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